Safe and predictable implant treatment with guided surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, the most important aspect is to have predictable results and ensure procedure is safe and has long lasting outcome. Dental implant surgery is not an exception and need to be performed with taking safety and predictability into consideration.
In order to place the titanium dental implant inside the jaw in the most accurate position, a sequence of planning needs to be done. The comprehensive treatment planning prior to implant placement help us to select the type, size, dimension and the exact location of the implant to support a proper crown restoration.
We use a very advanced technology in order to plan the implant placement inside the bone with minimal risks.

At our office each and every patient that is to undergo implant surgery procedure will need a three-dimensional scan of the bone (CT scan) to define the quality and quantity of the bone in the jaw. The Ct scan is basically going to give us an exact computer-generated simulation of the upper and lower jaw.

The CT scan is also going to be giving us accurate information about the proximity of the vital anatomical landmarks like upper sinus and lower jaw nerve which in many cases are on the way of the implant placement surgery. By knowing exactly where these land marks are, we can prevent interrupting them. This is going to be the most important safety measure when it comes to any surgery in the mouth.

Now a days by the use of such knowledge and sophisticated advanced software, we will be able to perform a fully guided surgery and eliminate all the mistakes from the surgery.

Most offices don’t possess in-office CT scan and send their patients to imaging centers to obtain the imaging. In most cases this will cause excessive expense and lots of inconvenience. Our office is equipped with the most advanced three-dimensional CT scan machine in BEVERLY HILLS _WEST HOLLYWOOD which allows us to obtain the scan in few minutes and treatment plan accordingly, conveniently and more cost effectively.

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