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Gum Countering in Beverly Hills

If you have a “gummy” smile that makes you feel unhappy and a little self-conscious in the presence of other people, Dr. Borzoo may recommend a gum lift procedure. Also referred to as “gingivectomy”, this procedure is intended to reshape excessive or uneven gum tissue around the teeth in a simple and painless process that requires only one appointment.

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Gum contouring is typically performed as a cosmetic procedure to improve your smile. However, it can also be recommended as a restorative dental procedure to reduce the effects of chronic periodontal disease and generally improve gum health.

Reasons for gum lift

If your teeth are covered with excess gum tissue, Dr. Borzoo may recommend gum recontouring to:

  1. Reshape unsightly gums and give you a brand new smile – 

If your gums did not recede sufficiently after the permanent teeth erupted, of if they have receded excessively over the years and exposed more of the tooth, a gum lift or gum graft can help to give them a natural look. 

  1. Restore damaged teeth 

If your teeth are broken or damaged beneath the gum line, perhaps due to trauma or dental caries, Dr. Borzoo may recommend a gum lift or crown lengthening for site preparation and subsequent tooth repair. 

  1. Give you a natural, attractive look 

Extra gum tissue can cause your teeth to appear naturally short. Removing the excess tissue can help to restore a balanced and healthy look, and ultimately make your smile more attractive. 

  1. Promote gum health 

During crown placement, a gum lift can help to provide sufficient space between the crown and supporting jawbone to prevent soft tissue damage when the crown is in place

What to Expect

The gum lift procedure is performed under local anesthetic with a soft tissue laser. The minimally-invasive laser treatment is comfortable, efficient, and painless, with minimal bleeding and faster healing. But in severe cases, Dr. Borzoo may recommend a traditional gum lift, which requires the gum tissue to be cut and sutured, under anesthesia. 

Healing is extremely fast and could be as soon as next day healing.

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