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Anti Aging Dentistry

We Can Help You To Look Youthful And Unafraid To Smile.

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If you have seen that your face has started to change or you would like to have a more youthful appearance, this is something that anti aging dentistry can help with. Many times, people submit themselves to the plastic surgeon’s knife, when some aging issues can be remedied through dental work which is a less-invasive method of helping to improve one’s appearance. Your self-confidence and happiness with yourself is worth your time. If you are ready to see how beautiful your smile really is and how you are still a good-looker behind those fine lines, Please contact Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist to schedule your consultation today.

Anti Aging Dentistry West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

For example, some people may go through a face lift with plastic surgery to improve their appearance, when the same effect can be achieved through dentistry. Others may use Botox to try to get rid of the wrinkle lines around their mouths or go through surgery to change their jaw, when anti aging dentistry can do that without being as noticeable or stiff-looking. When you look at celebrities in Los Angeles who seem to never age, you may wonder how much plastic surgery they have had, when much of the time they have only gone through anti aging dentistry. Many people are sitting up and taking notice of anti aging dentistry as they aren’t pleased with the results from plastic surgery.

Some of the most attractive celebrities aren’t even as beautiful as their smiles are. If you took away their perfectly polished, straight, white teeth and replaced them with stained and crooked teeth, you would find that they become much more average when it comes to their appearance, so as you can see, improving your teeth is really about improving your looks. Many people want something more natural or not-so-obvious to improve their looks and because of this, with anti aging dentistry West Hollywood patients are finding this to be the most reliable and dependable way to look and feel younger.

What is
Anti Aging Dentistry?

As we get older, our faces change and sometimes our teeth influence our appearance. Whether your teeth have seen some difficult days and your teeth are stained or yellow or your lips have thinned from aging and you miss your fuller lips, anti aging dentistry can make a difference.

At our practice in West Hollywood anti aging dentistry covers all types of procedures which are typically for cosmetic reasons and rarely ever for health issues. From teeth whitening to fixing your bite and thus improving your jaw, anti aging dentistry is any type of procedure where the end goal is that you look younger and which improves your appearance. Most people don’t understand how many non-teeth problems can actually be fixed by dental work. Because of the many advances in dentistry, dentists are now able to perform these types of procedures that go beyond just fixing teeth or cavities. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is a reliable way for people to slow down the effects of aging.

Being able to change your jaw’s appearance or make your lips look fuller and even get rid of fine lines around your mouth through simple dental procedures may seem like a farce, but the reality is that anti aging dentistry can and is improving the lives of many people who want to maintain their youthful appearance. Anti aging dentistry is a recent advancement in the world of dentistry and it is important to find an expert who you can trust to not only fix your teeth, but who can also help slow down the aging of your face, and therefore improve your quality of life. Whether you need porcelain veneers for a fuller smile or you need bite correction for an even jawline, anti aging dentistry can work miracles in providing you with an amazing smile and incredible teeth. Your smile, your teeth, and your self-confidence are worth it.

Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA
Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA
Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA

How Anti Aging Dentistry Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

As we get older, the changes in our body and appearance can be disheartening. While we may have gained confidence in many areas, such as our career and personal relationships, our confidence in how we look may have changed.

Self-confidence in our looks and happiness with our appearance is a key factor in many people’s satisfaction with themselves. It’s one reason why many people go through plastic surgery. Remembering your youth and how you used to look and how your face has changed can be detrimental to your confidence. You may have lived with a dental problem all of your life without even realizing how it was affecting your appearance and self-confidence. When you visit a dentist, who is specialized in cosmetic dentistry, you can discover if you can finally smile brighter and happier because of dental improvements.

Boosting your self-confidence is more than just being able to have a nice full smile or for vanity reasons, but being more self-confident can go far in improving your quality of life. From the way that you interact with others to the way that you approach your career, the way that you treat your clients, or the happiness you find in everyday interactions, being self-confident makes a difference. This is why anti aging dentistry can be so helpful. Being able to improve your looks and look more youthful at an affordable cost and without changing who you are is an attractive possibility; but, it isn’t only a possibility, it is a reality that can happen for you with the help of an expert specialist in anti aging dentistry.

Anti Aging
Dentistry Procedures

While the idea of looking younger through dentistry may seem like an attractive one, you may wonder how this can be possible and why are you just finding out about it now. It isn’t some fairy tale, looking younger through dentistry is possible. Following are the most popular anti aging procedures and how they can help you to look youthful and unafraid to smile:

Teeth whitening: Teeth have a very big impact on our appearance and discolored teeth are a big factor in people looking older. Stains from mistreatment over the years, yellow coloring from coffee drinking or smoking, and other blemishes can cause an already aging face to appear even more older. Teeth whitening is highly beneficial in improving appearance, both in older and younger people, but the effects for anti aging reasons are remarkable. Porcelain veneers: Applying porcelain veneers is a very common procedure in anti aging dentistry, as it can do several things to help improve teeth and provide patients with a more youthful experience. These are some of the ways porcelain veneers can help: To provide you with whiter teeth. Some people’s teeth may be too stained due to mistreatment for teeth whitening to work or the procedure is too painful due to extensive dental work, so an alternative option for achieving a white smile once again is to get porcelain veneers on the teeth that show up in your smile.

To provide with you with fuller lips. Most people lose the fullness in their lips with age due to the decline in the body’s ability to produce collagen. Fuller lips help people to have a more youthful appearance. Porcelain veneers cover your natural teeth and because of the slight increase in your teeth can provide your lips with a plumper appearance which while isn’t dramatic, can be enough to give a more youthful look to your face. To fix your chipped or damaged teeth. Some people don’t actually look as old as they are and may have a rather youthful face but they don’t look as young as they could due to damaged or chipped teeth. West Hollywood dentist, Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi, can provide you with the non-invasive procedure of applying porcelain veneers to cover the damaged teeth and improve your appearance.

Diminish Wrinkles And Lines

To help diminish wrinkles and lines. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi DDS, can apply porcelain veneers in your mouth to provide you with a fuller smile and as he expertly places them to improve your bite, you can see lines diminish. Even out your smile, Some people have teeth of different sizes. While sometimes a lopsided smile can be due to a problem with your bite, at other times it’s because the teeth on one side of your smile are shorter than the ones on the other side. Porcelain veneers can make all of your teeth an even length which will give you that full and even smile that is so attractive.


Some teeth are too far gone for just porcelain veneers and you may need some type of extensive dental work to fix them and a crown to help keep your appearance looking good. This can be helpful after root canals or posts and can greatly enhance your smile. They can also help to cover broken teeth or teeth that have been shortened after years of grinding them.

Dental implants

Some people get teeth removed and never get implants. This usually happens when the teeth removed are in the back of their mouths. What you may not realize is that this can have an aging effect. Any space between your teeth or in your mouth can change your jawline and your appearance and many times missing teeth can cause jowls, which can make you look older.

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Dental implants can help to improve your jaw and remove lines, lift up your face, and help to eliminate wrinkles caused by your sagging cheeks. If you have a gap in your teeth, this may be causing you to look older. Dental implants are highly effective in not only improving your overall appearance, but they can fill in the gap to provide you with a youthful smile.

Bite correction

It’s amazing how much of an effect your bite can have on your appearance, but it may be one reason why you are starting to look older. Whether you have a deep overbite or under bite, you may look older than needed and this can be remedied with some anti aging dentistry and bite correction.

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Deeper bites can happen through your teeth shortening over the years from grinding and age and this can also make your face look shorter which also makes it look older. Correcting your bite will help your smile to be better and will also make your face look younger. These above procedures can greatly enhance your look and give you a more youthful appearance. At our practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi is an expert in anti aging dentistry and can help you to get back that youthful smile you may be missing. It isn’t impossible to return to the “fountain of youth,” but who knew the solution was in your teeth?

When trusting something as important as your appearance into the hands of a dentist, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best anti aging dentist in West Hollywood. You can trust that Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi DDS will take great care of you, as your satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you have doubts or concerns about the procedures or you are interested in finding out which one is the right one for your aging issues, get in touch with us and find out how your life can change in less than five visits with Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi.

Anti Aging Dentistry West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

Why Should You Get Anti Aging Dentistry?

When people see you, one of the first things that they will notice is your face and if you smile or laugh, they will most definitely notice your teeth. Your teeth shouldn’t be something that you are ashamed of or afraid to show. Anti aging dentistry is all about providing your teeth with the treatment needed for you to have a beautiful youthful smile once again.

You will no longer have to avoid smiling or open-mouthed laughing or cover your mouth while grinning. After getting anti aging dentistry West Hollywood patients can show off that bold and beautiful smile that they have been hiding away and what could be better than that? Whether you have crooked, discolored, chipped, broken, shortened, or stained teeth, receiving cosmetic, anti aging dentistry attention in West Hollywood can provide you with benefits that go beyond improving your teeth and smile. While many people in the Beverly Hills area may be accustomed to getting plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance, Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi is dedicated to improving his patients’ lives through less invasive means.

Following Are The Top benefits from choosing anti aging dentistry:

Plastic surgery recovery can take a lot of time and in some cases the results may not be what you were hoping for. It’s hard to go back after having your changed through plastic surgery whereas when you have your appearance improved through anti aging dentistry, nearly 100% of the time the procedure is successful and greatly enhances your looks. Anti aging dentistry is an affordable and complication-free solution to your aging problems. In recent years, dentistry has advanced to a point where things that weren’t possible before are now fast becoming a popular method of cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent alternative to other ways of improving your looks and because most procedures to fix certain aging problems are usually very minor, you can trust that the recovery time will be very minimal and you won’t have to worry about taking time off work or go through hiding away. Another reason to choose anti aging dentistry as your cosmetic “pick-me-up” is because it also lasts longer than plastic surgery. Many times, people who have undergone plastic surgery will need to continue to see their surgeon on a regular basis for touch-ups, whereas the results from dental procedures can last for years without you needing a touch-up. One of the top benefits from anti aging dentistry is that you will look much more natural than if you had gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons. Dentistry only works to improve your looks, it doesn’t extensively change or alter how you naturally look.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of anti aging dentistry, you can also correct issues that may be causing you pain or discomfort at the same time that you improve your looks. It’s a win-win situation. As you can see, the benefits from anti aging dentistry for cosmetic reasons as an alternative to plastic surgery are many. If you have been looking for a more affordable and reliable way to “get back your youth,” this is the answer. Just imagine someone telling you that you could have a makeover and greatly improve your appearance without having to go through the long and stressful experience of plastic surgery and recovery, what would you say? Anti aging dentistry is that “anti aging pill” that actually works. If after reading this, you realize how you would like to regain your youthful smile and that anti aging dentistry may be the answer, get in touch with Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi of Beverly Hills and discover the new life that’s waiting for you. When you choose Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best anti aging dentist in California.

What Are
You Waiting For?

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and while you may have noticed that you have recently developed jowls or that your lips appear thinner than before, you feel you don’t have the time to go through a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance.

The good news is that anti aging dentistry procedures rarely ever take more than just a few visits, especially when all that you may need is teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through changes without doing anything about it.

Cosmetic dentistry to combat the effects of aging is the “miracle potion” that everyone has been waiting for. Your self-confidence and happiness with yourself is worth your time. If you are ready to see how beautiful your smile really is and how you are still a good-looker behind those fine lines, Please contact Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to helping you get the smile of your dreams!

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