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Individual Technique

Each and every smile is like a fingerprint. No two smiles are the same. Each individual has different esthetic enhancements they would like to make, different facial features and of course different bite and occlusal characteristics that will impact the price. The price varies since each smile makeover requires it’s own individual technique, varies in the number of veneers and the amount of time required for your treatment.

Your smile and bite must be evaluated first in order to determine what treatment and type of veneer is appropriate for you individually. Dr Borzoo will thoroughly reviews every aspect of your smile and put together a custom treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is finalized a detailed estimate of your treatment costs will be discussed with you as well as financing and payment plan options we have available. Typically the price range for custom Porcelain Veneer treatment personalized for each patient with Dr. Borzoo ranges from $2500-$3500 per veneer. While Dr. Borzoo is renowned for his award-winning natural aesthetic dental treatments, he prides himself on keeping the cost appropriate and approachable for patients by not expanding on public relations and heavy Beverly Hills rent costs.

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