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4 Signs it’s Time to Visit Your Dentist

Ignoring dental issues can cause serious problems

If you have tooth sensitivity and pain, bleeding and sore gums, receding gums or cavities, see your dentist right away.

Your dental health plays a vital role in your overall health. Studies link poor dental health and heart disease. Practicing good dental hygiene not only keeps your teeth and gums looking nice, it also helps prevent occurrences of dental cavities, gingivitis and gum infections. Brush at least two times a day, floss daily and visit your dentist at least twice a year. If you ever have any of the dental issues mentioned here, visit your dentist immediately.

Teeth sensitivity and pain. There are several reasons why you may experience teeth sensitivity and pain. The only real way to figure out what’s going on inside of your mouth is by making an appointment to see a dentist for a dental examination, which will help you discover the source of the problem. Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures are typical signs of a weakened tooth enamel.

Bleeding and sore gums. Don’t worry about a little bleeding of the gums from rough flossing and hard brushing. When you experience excessive long-term bleeding and sore gums, though, you might be at risk for gum disease. Practicing proper hygiene makes certain that you remove as much plaque as possible from your teeth and gums. Inadequate removal of plaque will lead to tartar build-up around your teeth and gum line. When tartar hardens, it can lead to bleeding, inflamed and sore gums. If left untreated, this can lead to periodontists, a more serious form of jawbone and gum disease.

Receding gums. Several factors can cause receding gums. Aggressive brushing, periodontal disease and insufficient dental care can affect the health of your gums. Receding gums are a dental problem that you should not ignore. When gum recession happens, gaps form between your teeth. The gaps that form between the teeth and the gum line make it easy for bacteria to build up. Bacteria build-up is the perfect breeding grounds for all types of dental diseases. Eventually the tissue surrounding the gums and teeth can be severely damaged if left untreated.

Cavities. Cavities are one of the most common dental issues, and brushing your teeth regularly helps reduce the risk of developing them. If you have a cavity, you need to go to the dentist to take care of it before it gets much worse. Avoiding the dentist could lead to a root canal.

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