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Can You Get A Veneer On One Front Tooth?

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Are you struggling with a discolored or chipped tooth? Is it leading to less confidence when talking with others? Single veneers are essential treatments to choose from. Veneers play a significant role in restoring your fantastic smile. They are solid and durable and also make your tooth appear natural. Here are some reasons why a veneer on one front tooth could be the perfect treatment for you.

What is Veneer?

A veneer is a wafer-thin piece made of porcelain material. It is custom-made and designed to cover your front teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers treatment method is versatile that gives resilience and good strength to teeth. They fit the contour of your teeth perfectly and blend with the color of your tooth.

Your dentist bonds the veneer on the tooth enamel, which lasts up to 20 years. Veneers solve any imperfections that were visible on your tooth before. Precision dentists use Lumineers when performing veneer treatment. A lumineer is a type of veneer that has less preparation and is made of ultra-thin laminate. The lumineer allows less removal of your tooth structure.

What About A Veneer On One Front Tooth?

Single veneers are the best option when you have one damaged front tooth. There is no need for other veneers if the rest of your teeth are healthy. A single front tooth veneer will be the best option in treating these problems:

Tooth Discoloration or Staining

When you have a discolored tooth, somebody can break your confidence. Our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills will create a veneer professionally that will match the color of the surrounding teeth. This will help make your veneered tooth not to look out of place. However, some people choose teeth whitening treatment to restore the white color of their teeth.

A Cracked or Chipped Single Tooth

A crack or chip on your front tooth can bother and lead to self-esteem issues. Although a chip can be filled, the fillings are not durable. This is because front teeth are used to bite, and the cement used on the tooth is vulnerable to loosening within a short period. So before you even realize it, your tooth will be chipped as it was before. A veneer helps cover the crack or chip on your tooth entirely and protect your tooth from further damage.

A Misshapen Tooth

Dentists use a veneer on one tooth and other cosmetic dentistry services to produce more significant results and benefits. Therefore, it is essential to find a caring and capable dentist like Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi. They offer the best dental treatment services available. A professional dentist with a holistic approach will provide you with the peace of mind that you need.

A Tooth That is Shorter Than Surrounding Teeth

Porcelain veneers correct teeth shorter than the rest by lengthening them. It also transforms uneven teeth.

Reasons To Get One Veneer

One will consider a single veneer in some instances, such as:

  • Protecting Chipped o Cracked Tooth

A single veneer resolves the problem of a weakened or chipped tooth on two levels. One is lessening the pressure applied when chewing since the veneers are strong. This prevents the cracked tooth from getting worse. The second level obscures the chipped area.

  • Hiding Stains and Discoloration

Veneers remove the stain covering your tooth and create a smile that radiates more than it had before.

  • Treating Misshapen Tooth

Although a single veneer cannot change the positioning of your teeth, it makes your smile look straighter.

  • Treating a Tooth That Is Shorter Than the Surrounding Teeth

A single veneer will solve the problem of having a shorter tooth than the rest by lengthening it.

When Should One Consider Several Veneers?

A single veneer improves the appearance of only one tooth. For this reason, different cosmetic problems may require several veneers.

The cases that may need several veneers include:

  • Having many damaged teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • One has gaps between teeth
  • Multiple discolored or stained teeth

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