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Cosmetically Enhance Your Smile Using Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth

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Are missing teeth making you self-conscious about your smile forcing you to raise your palms every time you meet someone? You undoubtedly would also encounter the many consequences of tooth loss that affect you when you lose one or several teeth in your mouth. Therefore you must look for a suitable restorative technique to replace your missing teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth.

Dental implant restoration helps improve your smile besides providing the functionality of your mouth you lost with the missing tooth or teeth. Instead of enduring the consequences of tooth loss and merely worrying about your smile, you must think the other way around and contact a dentist near you to discuss the reasons why you must replace your missing teeth. The dentist will explain the reasons and even suggest which options are best suited for your needs.

Why Do Tooth Loss Consequences Need Attention?

When you lose a tooth or several teeth, your remaining teeth begin moving towards the vacant space left by the missing tooth. The movement causes misalignments in your mouth, giving you a bad bite. Tooth loss also makes you look older than you are to impacts your smile eventually.

Tooth loss also causes digestive problems because you have challenges biting and chewing food correctly, resulting in swallowing large chunks of food. The results of inefficient chewing and frequent indigestion make you vulnerable to other health problems making you look downcast when you are in the pink of health.

The problems mentioned above impact your overall health, making it challenging for you to smile when needed. It is why you must pay attention to the consequences of tooth loss.

How to Approach Dental Implant Restoration?

First of all, you must contact the dentist 90069, an experienced cosmetic dentist highly qualified and meticulous to design each tooth following rigorously established procedures. In addition, the dentist has invested in state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal treatments to restore your impacted smile.

Merely meeting the dentist will not resolve the issues you face. If you need tooth replacements to enhance your smile, the dentist recommends the gold standard for replacing missing teeth with dental implants as the most suitable option for smile restoration. Your physical and oral health is evaluated by the dentist verify whether the procedure suits your needs. If confirmed as a candidate ideal for dental implants, you must prepare yourself to undergo a lengthy process and remain committed to it for the duration of your treatment.

Placement of dental implants requires multiple surgeries accompanied by restrictions such as quitting smoking, maintaining excellent dental hygiene, and caring for your dental implants using recommendations provided by the dentist.

If you accept the dentist’s suggestions and remain committed to them, rest assured you will have natural-looking and appearing artificial teeth in your mouth at the end of the treatment.

The Dental Implant Placement Procedure

You receive adequate anesthesia before the dental implant placement procedure. Next, the dentist cuts open your gums, makes incisions, and uses dental drill drills deep into your jawbone to embed the titanium dental implant shaped like a screw. Titanium is a biocompatible material that becomes part of your body as the process of osseointegration proceeds.

Osseointegration ensures the titanium implant integrates with your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root. However, it would help if you waited until osseointegration is complete before you have another surgery to fix an abutment to the implant and wait for another two weeks for the surgery to heal. Meanwhile, the dentist takes impressions of your mouth to have your personalized dental crown created in a dental laboratory.

Your final visit to the dentist is to place your personalized dental crown over the abutment to function like your natural-looking and appearing artificial tooth. Completing the restoration of your tooth doesn’t give you the freedom to neglect your dental health but makes it even more essential to safeguard your dental implant.

Besides brushing your teeth and flossing them, you must pay specific attention to ensure you don’t allow plaque buildup to develop in your mouth. Plaque buildup hardening into tartar is the leading cause of gum disease, which by itself is the primary reason for implant failure. Therefore, you must ensure your dental health is optimal by visiting the dentist frequently for exams and cleanings and refrain from smoking if you emphasize your smile.

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