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Does Gum Lift Procedure Hurt?

Woman having pain in jaw before gum lift procedure

If your gums are too high, uneven, or too low on the teeth, you might consider a gum lift surgery near you. This cosmetic procedure is also known as gum reshaping or gum contouring.

It helps one get an even gum line and achieve a great smile. It also enhances the appearance of symmetrical teeth.

What is Gum Lift?

This cosmetic dental procedure helps remove unwanted gum tissue in a person whose smile shows an excess amount of gum. In addition, a gum lift is used to create the appearance of symmetrical or longer teeth.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Gum Lift?

Gum contouring or lift might be the perfect procedure for you if you have a gummy smile and want to uncover a naturally beautiful smile. However, some people have short teeth.

A better alternative for people with short teeth might be lengthening their teeth with dental veneers.

Porcelain veneers take only two visits to your dentist to be placed. So, you’ll have a brand new smile in only two weeks. They’re strong and long-lasting; they can last for a lifetime when taken care of.

Procedures Performed with a Gum Lift?

In the past, conventional gum lifts were performed by surgically trimming away excessive or diseased tissues directly around the teeth involved.

Once removed, a protective dressing was applied over the surgical site to ensure proper healing with minimal irritation. The dressing would usually be removed a week later.

Today, modern gum lift treatments normally involve a less invasive method that helps utilize soft tissue laser technology. A soft tissue dental laser can reshape the tissues without additional swelling, bleeding, or lengthy recovery after the appointment.

The mild cauterization performed by the laser ensures a speedier healing process without the side effects of surgical gum lifts.

Most laser gum treatments are pain-free and can be completed in a short time in-office procedure. There’s no need to refer one to an oral surgeon or periodontal specialist for the treatment.

Because of the minimally invasive technology, our dentists at Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi Beverly Hills can reshape your gums in what feels like everyday routine dental treatment.

Here’s how it works: Once the gum tissues are completely numb, our dentists use the laser like a handled pen to retrace the desired shape of your gums. There are small flashes of light and a bit of beeping.

As your dental professional slowly retraces a new shape from one tooth to the next, your gums lift back to reveal more of the tooth structure. And because no cutting is involved, there’s no bleeding or postoperative inflammation. Instead, the patients will be on their way to a speedy recovery.

Does the Gum Lift Procedure Hurt?

The procedure is painless. However, one may feel mild discomfort as the anesthesia wears off. In addition, results from gum lifting are permanent, making it a great choice when considering investing in your smile.

When Should You Get a Gum Lift?

Do you ever feel self-conscious about showing your teeth, laughing, or having a gummy smile? Unfortunately, no one’s gum lines are the same. Some are higher and lower, and some are uneven.

This may be because of a health problem, genetics, or prescription drugs. Either way, if you’re unhappy with your smile or how your gums look, it’s time to get a gum lift.

Sometimes, your dental professional may say a gum lift is medically necessary. This is usually found in cases where you may have a serious infection in your gums.

A gum lift or reshaping is commonly done with porcelain veneers and on the most visible teeth.

Benefits of a Gum Lift

Gum lifts from a dentist near you offer both medical and aesthetic benefits. The benefits include:

  • Eliminates unwanted or excess gum tissue
  • Creates an even gum line and balance between the teeth and gum ratio
  • It offers a short recovery period
  • The changes made by the gum lift to gums are permanent
  • Allow one to feel happier about their smile

Risks of Getting a Gum Lift

There are slim risks of a gum lift but include:

  • Discoloration of gum tissue
  • If one has an allergic reaction to the anesthetic being used

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