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For decades, dental amalgam has been extensively used in the treatment of caries lesions. Dental amalgam consists of approximately 50% metallic mercury mixed with an alloy mainly consisting of silver, tin and copper . The safety of dental amalgam has been questioned, and it has been discussed to what extent mercury released from amalgam fillings may lead to adverse health effects.

Mercury Amalgam Removal

The possibility that a small fraction of the population may have predispositions to rare adverse reactions to dental amalgam cannot be ruled out; thus, research on adverse effects associated with exposure to dental amalgam should focus on the possibility of rare outcomes . People with health complaints attributed to dental amalgam believe their health complaints are caused, or aggravated, by mercury released from their amalgam fillings. It has been established that dental amalgam fillings may lead to local adverse reactions, including oral lichenoid reactions, and removal of amalgam fillings in contact with the lesions is generally recommended. However, for a number of patients, no objective signs of adverse reactions to amalgam fillings, or other diseases explaining their complaints, can be observed. Patients who attribute subjective health complaints to dental amalgam describe a number of health complaints including tiredness, headaches, pain from muscles and joints, and problems with memory and concentration. There is a lack of treatment options for patients without objective signs of adverse reactions to amalgam fillings, and removal of sound amalgam fillings is generally not recommended unless patient is requesting it or there is corrosion on the existing restoration. Some patients nevertheless decide to remove all amalgam fillings at their own initiative, and studies have reported significant improvements in subjective health complaints after the removal of amalgam fillings. Removal of amalgam restoration need to be done under very meticulous care using proper tool in order to reduce the amount of mercury exposure.it is very critical to use a rubber dam or silicone isolation methods with high volume suction to ensure the mecury is not being inhaled by patients and the dentist.

Mercury Amalgam Removal

We use the most modern technology called isolite system to ensure the least amount of mercury exposure.this method consists of a high volume suction connected to specific mouth piece made of silicone that molds into the mouth and isolates the tooth from the mouth environment and throat. In most cases amalgam is going to be replaced with porcelain onlay/inlays that are tooth colored and metal free.

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