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Why A Digital Office Is Key In Dentistry

Digital technology has changed the entire world. In every industry it is obvious where digital tech has made its mark. Analog technology was antiquated, clunky and not near precise enough for the demands of the modern world. At our practice, home of Dr Borzoo Ahmadi DDS, digital is the only option.

Communication is key. Whether that is communicating with patients, staff, or communicating across equipment and office technology, you can trust that digital is faster and far more efficient than analog communication. Nothing gets lost in translation or in piled up paper notes.

Specific to Dr Ahmadi, digitizing the office for cosmetic dentistry purposes was a no brainer.

Digital mapping of the cosmetic work that the patient is looking to get has made it simple to, not just imagine how your smile will look but, actually see a fully finished digital rendering of the completed work.

Dentistry can still be performed with analog technology, but it isn’t reliable like digital technology. Contact Dr Ahmadi today to schedule yourself an appointment.

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