Dental Veneers Frequently Asked

Thankfully modern dentistry is at a place now where minor imperfections may be corrected very quickly through the use of dental veneers. Veneers are often referred to as a “quick fix smile” because they can completely transform your smile. However, there are many questions people have regarding this procedure. Dr. Borzoo at Smile Atelier answers the most frequently asked questions.

What are veneers?

Veneers are contact lens thickness and generally made from porcelain inside of a professional dental laboratory. Our dentist will create an impression of your teeth for accurate sizing and shaping. A shade guide is then used to determine the best fitting shade that matches the natural color of your teeth.

How are veneers applied to my teeth?

In order to apply veneers to the teeth, your original teeth must be shaved down to make space for the veneer attachment. This allows the veneers to rest comfortably on top of your original tooth, completely reshaping it.

How much is shaved away from my tooth?

This depends on each individual, but generally only a fraction of your tooth’s enamel is shaved down(1mm- less than thickness of your finger nails) to make enough space for your veneers to fit comfortably.

How long do veneers last?

With good oral hygiene at home and routine follow-ups with your dentist, dental veneers often lasts for decades. Corrections may be made at anytime for adjustments or correction.

Is there any special care for dental veneers?

No, there is no special care for dental veneers. Simply brush & floss your teeth as your normally would in order to maintain your veneers and your oral health.

Misconceptions of Veneers

1)Veneers are painful.

Generaly speaking veneer procedure is not a painfull procedure and many times it could even be performed with out local anesthesia. But since it is a long procedure some times lasting 3-4 hours in the dental chair Dr Borzoo offers IV sedation and oral sedation that will make you appointment more pleasant and more comfortable. Dr. Borzoo  will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area so that no pain or discomfort is felt. A small amount of pressure may be experienced, but patients do not complain of pain from dental veneer application.

2)Veneers look too fake.

Veneer procedure is a very delicate and technical procedure. There are many reasons why some veneers look fake and unnatural:

  • Bulky veneers look fake : using a meticulous lab ceramist will eliminate this factor needless to say, adequate prepatation of tooth has a lot to do with NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS.
  • Flat looking veneers : building natural teeth characters in the lab and hand layering the veneers will lead to natural looking results.
  • Lake of harmony : one of the most important steps before fabricating the veneers is SMILE DESIGN. Selecting a suitable smile design that belnds in to facial features will lead to harmony and balance in results and natural looking veneers.
  • Correct proportions and teeth and gum display: each and every person is very unique with their smile( your smile should be like your finger print ) no two smiles are similar. Paying attention to proportions of face and accommodating the natural beauty proportions (golden proportions) into the design lead to smile that dial into your face
  • Too white or too yellow veneers :Sometimes, people opt for a shade of dental veneers that appear too milky white for an unnatural appearance that may seem fake to some. However, the choice is yours in how you want your teeth to appear using a shade guide.

3)You lose too much of your original tooth when you receive veneers.

In certain cases, tooth reshaping is not even needed to apply a dental veneer. However, when reshaping is needed it is often minimal and limited to 1mm( less than thickness of your finger nails)

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