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Dentistry today has never been more comfortable, safe, and effective. However, the unfortunate reality is that a great many of us still have some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. While many grin and bear it for the sake of our smiles, others actually put off important dental visits. In fact, it had been estimated that some 30 percent of the adult population may avoid visiting the dentist because of dental phobias or general nervousness. That’s why Smile Atelier Beverly Hills offers a number of outstanding options designed to take the stress out of good oral hygiene.



Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are a number of types of sedation offered at Smile Atelier Beverly Hills. Depending on the kind of treatment patients are going to be receiving, as well as their level of nervousness, dentist and patients can select from a number of options. These include:

  • Oral sedation (typically in pill form)
  • IV sedation
  • Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”)
  • General anesthesia

It’s important to note that selecting the form of sedation must take into account a number of factors beyond the procedure and the patient’s preferences. The individual’s medical history can be an extremely important factor, as safety and the patient’s overall health are always the most important considerations. Also, of course, it’s necessary to have someone else drive the patient home from the dentist whenever potentially mind-altering drugs are employed in the course of a procedure

Dental Priorities at Smile Atelier Beverly Hills

Whether or not sleep dentistry is being employed, Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi and the entire Smile Atelier Beverly Hills team are dedicated to ensuring that patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible at all times. This means employing the latest techniques and proven best practices to maximize comfort and reduce patient stress.

If you are seeking out an outstanding dental team who know how to put you at ease and can provide you with a full range of options to ensure that your dental treatments are as comfortable and as free of stress as possible, Smile Atelier Beverly Hills is here to help. Call us at the number on this page or reach out to us via e-mail through our contact page. Our entire team looks forward to providing you with outstanding dental care.

Sedation Dentist West Hollywood

What should I expect if I am sedated for my dental procedure?

That depends on the type of sedation you undergo. Oral sedation is relatively simple and involves taking a prescribed medication about an hour prior to your procedure. You’ll feel more relaxed, yet completely aware of your surroundings during treatment. If you choose nitrous oxide, you’ll be instructed to inhale the gas at the beginning of your appointment. Additional nitrous can be administered throughout your procedure to keep you in a state of euphoria. At the conclusion of your treatment, you’ll be given oxygen to help ‘snap’ you out of your sedated state.

If IV sedation is right for you, you’ll be instructed to avoid foods and beverages 5-6 hours before your appointment. A sedative will be administered to you intravenously prior to your procedure, causing you to fall into a deep sleep. You will be monitored throughout the procedure and adjust dosage as needed.

Are there any precautions I need to take after being sedated?

Depending on the type of sedation you undergo, a licensed driver may need to drive you home from your dental appointment. If you undergo IV sedation, you may need to be supervised for several hours following the procedure.

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