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Can You Put Veneers Over Rotten Teeth?

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Although there is no cure to address rotten teeth, many treatment options are available now to restrict tooth decay. It relies on the severity of dental caries. Get veneers for rotten teeth today if you want to immediately transform your teeth into a picture-perfect smile. They snap over the top of the damaged teeth and help to mask common dental imperfections instantly with minimal discomfort.

However, a dentist does not place dental veneers on decayed teeth. During the initial consultation, the dental professional will inspect your teeth and conduct an X-ray exam to ensure no signs of tooth decay. But if you want veneer installation, the expert removes the decayed teeth or treats them first. If your teeth face a serious health decline after getting dental veneers, read below.

Can You Place Dental Veneers on Bad Teeth?

No, dental veneers can’t be installed over decaying or rotten teeth. It’s because they are built to enhance the looks of affected teeth. Any forms of decay must be treated first by the dentist. Otherwise, they will create more serious issues.

A porcelain dental crown is an excellent solution if you want to boost the appearance of a weak or damaged tooth. It provides the aesthetics you desire while strengthening the tooth structure. All-porcelain caps match well with the natural shade of your teeth. So, they appear natural.

When the dental expert cannot save the affected tooth, they suggest a tooth pulling with an implant to replace the lost tooth. Since every situation is unique, a cosmetic dentist near you can help you decide on the right option.

Can You Get Veneers with Crooked Teeth?

Yes. If you have uneven or crooked teeth, the dental expert can place dental veneers on them. These customized thin shells are also appropriate for those having underbites or overbites.

Can Your Teeth Rot Under Veneers?

Yes. Teeth can still develop cavities and rot under veneers if you do not take proper care of your oral health and when they are not properly applied. Therefore, ensure you maintain your veneer and follow a perfect oral hygiene routine – routine dental cleanings and check-ups, brushing and flossing, etc.

Also, select an experienced dental professional for the proper installation of veneers. Moreover, a rotten tooth under the thin veneer can cause it to fail and can lead to more severe problems. The dentist might need to eliminate it to prevent the decay from spreading further or treating it.

If the tooth is repairable, you need to replace your dental veneer. However, if it’s not, the dental expert will suggest alternative methods to get your lost smile back.

Signs Your Teeth Under Dental Veneers Are Rotting

The following signs signify that your teeth under dental veneers are rotting:

  • Soreness in the tooth or gums
  • Infection in gums or tooth
  • Dental veneer or tooth gets loose
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot
  • The tooth feels sensitive to pressure

If you have any of the signs mentioned above, immediately contact a dentist.

How to Stop Teeth Rotting Under Veneers?

The following tips will ensure a lifetime of protection for your teeth under veneers:

  • Stay proactive with your oral hygiene routine: Brush teeth after every meal twice a day with non-abrasive toothpaste containing no baking soda and other teeth whitening ingredients. Floss daily to stop plaque and food bits from accumulating on the veneer edges and teeth.
  • Do not use tobacco or smoking products: The gums fail to support veneer teeth and lead to gum diseases.
  • Every time you brush your teeth, use a high-quality antiseptic mouthwash to keep gum disease-causing bacteria at bay.
  • Avoid acidic and sugary treats like citrus fruits, sodas, sweets, coffee, etc. Always brush your teeth between half an hour to one hour if you indulge in them.
  • Visit a dental clinic twice a year, one for an in-depth dental cleaning and the other for dental check-ups.

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