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How Long Does Teeth Implant Surgery Take?

tooth implant surgery

You have probably heard how dental implants are the superior tooth restoration option. It is due to their comfortable function and natural look. Their ability to correct or prevent bone recession is also an advantage. However, dental implants in Beverly Hills last a lifetime and the journey to seeing their full effects is lengthy. Read on to find out how much time the implant process takes.

Dental Implant Process Step by Step

Step 1: Consultation

Initial consultation with the implant dentist is the first step. First, the dental expert will examine your mouth. This helps to determine if replacing missing teeth with dental implants is possible. Next, the dentist will explain the procedure, how long it will take, and the expected results. This step lasts for less than an hour.

Step 2: Pre-dental Implant Procedure Exam

It is the comprehensive examination stage where the dentist carefully checks your mouth. The team takes 3D scans and x-rays of your jawbone and teeth to determine bone quantity and density. A group of experts also carries out a physical examination of the mouth. Results from the exams will help the dentist customize your treatment plan.

The dentist will explain the treatment options and the stages to follow. In addition, the expert will address any issues that need to be fixed before the procedure. Such problems include bone augmentation, sinus graft, and gum disease treatment. Treatment for these issues takes different times. For example, a major bone graft surgery takes two hours and 4-6 months to heal.

The dentist clarifies any lingering questions about dental implants. Next, you will receive instructions on preparing for the implant placement procedure. Finally, you will schedule an appointment for the next stage of the process, which is the surgery. This step takes about an hour to complete.

Step 3: Implant Procedure

First, the dentist will administer suitable anesthetics and sedatives. They ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Patients who need minor bone grafting will first have the grafting procedure. Next, the expert will surgically place titanium implants in your jaw bone right beneath the gums. It takes about 1-2 hours to fix a single titanium post.

If you opt for immediate restorations or same-day implants, your dentist will fit the crowns or bridges right away. This option is not available to every patient but depends on several factors. Discuss with the dentist at the planning stage to determine if you are an ideal candidate for same-day implants.

Step 4: Post-procedure Recovery

Once the anesthetics wear off, you will experience pain and discomfort. Your gums will be bruised and swollen from the surgery. Your dentist will prescribe medication to alleviate the symptoms and prevent infection. Some changes to your diet are necessary for a few weeks after surgery to allow the bone to heal around the implant.

The recovery process is approximately between three to six months. But this timeline varies with individuals. This is due to differences in the immune systems and how well they take care of their mouths. The position of the implant also determines how fast you recover.

Upper jaws take longer since the bone is softer, while lower jaws heal faster because the bone is denser. Besides, if you have had several implants placed simultaneously, it takes longer to heal. The dentist in 90069 may use Plasma Rich Growth Factor to speed up the recovery.

Step 5: Crown and Abutment Fitting

This step involves placing an abutment on the implant. The abutment connects the titanium post to a crown or dental bridge. Once it is placed, it will take six weeks to heal and the crowns or bridges to be placed. Finally, the dentist will attach the customized crown or bridges to complete the process. The entire process takes between three to nine months to complete.

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