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Dental Technology Findings

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Advancements in technology are moving industries across all fields to new heights. Dentistry has not missed this expansion and exploration either, with technology pushing the limits of oral health care beyond the limits previously thought. The use of technology has opened up such creations as human tissue laboratory development, that can be used to test a wide range of proposed medical treatments. The field of dentistry has seen its first-ever “tooth on a chip.” This scientific marvel has presented the first-ever laboratory-created tooth with a cavity.

This scientific creation was created at the Oregon Health and Science University. Created on the same principle as those developed for laboratory tissue creation. A principle that utilizes a tissue sample from an organ that is placed on a transparent slide. Microfluidic channels in that slide, are utilized to pass various chemicals through the sample, such as medications or toxins, allowing researchers to test how the tissue will react.

“Tooth on a chip,” as we will call it, is believed to open the doors for future cavity prevention and treatment. Allowing dental providers the potential opportunity to provide personalized treatment for individual patients. Associate professor Luis E. Bertassoni has exclaimed: “It opens up a new window into the complexity of dental care that could change the way we do dentistry quite significantly.”

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