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Sedation Dentistry in West Hollywood

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Dental anxiety and phobias have had many people, including adults, living with poorly maintained teeth. The idea of pain, injections, and discomfort is so engraved in their minds that it is almost impossible to shake it. Thankfully, many people suffer from dental anxiety, which is why sedation dentistry has become an essential part of modern dental care.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

It is an arm of dentistry that is concerned with using different sedative methods to put the patients at ease during dental treatments. Sedation dentistry in West Hollywood, CA, was introduced as part of modern dentistry to make the experience smoother and more effective, even for patients. Since it provides relaxation to the patients, and sometimes they fall asleep due to the medication, it is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry. It is the best way to help a patient relax on a dentist’s chair throughout a dental work operation.

Different Levels of Sedation

The concentration of sedatives used affects how much sedated a patient becomes. Ideally, the level of sedation is managed during dental works, depending on how much of it a patient needs for the treatment. The different levels include:

  • Minimal sedation – it is the mildest level of sedation. The patient is usually relaxed, but awake and conscious the whole time of the procedure.
  • Moderate sedation – it is a conscious level of sedation where the patient is aware of their surroundings. However, the concentration of medication is higher than in minimal sedation, which is why some patients may not remember the entire process of the procedure.
  • Deep sedation – is an increased level of medication where the patient is thrown to the edge of consciousness. Some patients are often awake for the procedure, while others fall asleep. However, it is not a deep sleep, which means one can be awakened easily.
  • General anesthesia – it is the most intense level of sedation. The patient is unconscious throughout. They are placed in a deep sleep, and can only be awakened when the effects of the sedative are worn off.

Types of Sedation

Other than the differences in concentration, the types differ in how they are administered. The types include the following:

  • Inhaled sedation – the medication used is passed to the patient through the nasal chamber. A face mask is placed over the nose of a patient for inhaling. A gas is then passed through the mask for the patient to breathe in gradually. This gas is commonly known as laughing gas. The levels of concentration can be controlled, based on how much of the gas is allowed through the mask. To control the effects, some levels of oxygen are also allowed through the mask. After the procedure, the concentration of laughing gas is reduced as that of oxygen is increased. This kind of sedation is lovable in dentistry because of how convenient it is. A patient can resume normal activities as soon as the treatment is over. This is because the effects of the laughing gas wear off quickly.
  • IV sedation – this is the kind of sedation that gets straight into your veins. The medication is injected on one of your veins. This ensures that the sedative begins to take root in your system quicker than other types of sedation. The levels can also be controlled by your dentist, depending on how much of it you need. The best part about this sedative type is that you do not have to wait an hour before the relaxation kicks in and your dental procedure begins.
  • Oral sedation – involves the intake of a sedative orally, usually in the form of a pill. The pill is called Halcion and is administered an hour or so before the procedure. A dentist near you will give you the pill as soon as you are cleared for your treatment. You will begin to feel drowsy a couple of minutes into swallowing the drug. The dosage of the pill is determined by the dentist, based on how long your procedure is bound to take. This is the most common type of sedation in dentistry.

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