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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Worth It?

Cosmetic dentistry in West Hollywood

Have you been dreaming about getting the Hollywood smile but always wondered whether cosmetic dentistry is worth the effort? In present-day society, aesthetic appearance and youth play a more significant role than earlier making aesthetic dental procedures more prevalent among men and women. Fortunately, the cosmetic dentist near you is determined to meet every challenge you may offer to help you improve the aesthetic looks of your teeth to complement your smile and overall appearance.

Whether you want your teeth whitened because of discoloration, need chips and cracks hidden, or replace missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry helps you achieve your goal with the dentist working with you from the planning and implementation of the dental procedure you select.

What Makes Cosmetic Dentistry Worth the Effort?

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a specialty concentrating on providing pain relievers for toothaches. In reality, it is a specialty focusing on improving the aesthetics of your teeth and gums to ensure you have a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentists are also professionals graduating from dental school but concentrating on enhancing your smile while providing treatments for defects in your mouth to improve your dental and overall health. Therefore cosmetic dentistry is well worth the effort if you or anyone has some of the flaws mentioned below affecting their smile and oral health.

Various Procedures of Cosmetic Dentistry

Straightening Teeth (Orthodontics)

Many people have crooked and misaligned teeth impacting their smile and oral health. Imperfect teeth make people vulnerable to dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease, besides affecting their speech and chewing abilities. Cosmetic dentistry can help straighten defective teeth by providing orthodontic treatments with conventional braces or clear aligners to help patients have straighter teeth complementing a beautiful smile. The therapy also helps eliminate dental infections that frequently affect them and require dental treatments to reduce expenditure.

Teeth Whitening Remedies

People affected by discolored teeth can also overcome the challenge they confront when smiling by getting their teeth whitened by dentist 90069 to display brighter teeth without stains in one or two appointments with the cosmetic dentist. Although teeth whitening is not a permanent remedy for discolored teeth, it helps improve the aesthetic appearance temporarily by providing them with a smile they proudly display.

Composite Bonding Teeth

If you have minor defects with your teeth like chips and cracks, a diastema, and uneven teeth, the dentist near you can repair the dental flaws in one appointment lasting 30 to 60 minutes per tooth, providing conservative therapy to hide your dental imperfections for around a decade without the need for anesthesia or downtime. You can have your dental defects corrected during your lunch hour to display a beautiful smile to everyone around you for the rest of the day and a decade more for good measure.

Missing Teeth Replacements

Adults in America lose at least one tooth by 35 and all their teeth by 64. Cosmetic dentistry has an ideal solution to replace missing teeth with dental implants offering a permanent solution that remains with them for life with proper dental hygiene. Getting permanent replacement teeth with dental implants requires people to invest in the solution and undergo an invasive procedure, including surgery and plenty of healing time, before getting a customized replacement tooth over the implant. However, the implant ensures restoration of their mouth functionality besides preventing jawbone resorption, which occurs soon after tooth loss.

Repairing Decayed and Damaged Teeth

Your teeth can decay or become damaged from injuries or impacts on your mouth. If you desire to fix them, you can rest assured that cosmetic dentistry has a solution for you, with dental crowns helpful for encasing the significantly impacted tooth and preventing further damage. Dental crowns are porcelain tooth caps mounted over your existing tooth to restore its strength, appearance, functionality, and size.

Dental defects, when left untreated, do not improve or repair themselves but need help from a dental professional offering different remedies. Therefore if you are affected by the conditions discussed, you will undoubtedly find cosmetic dentistry worth investing in to improve your oral health and the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

If you desire a picture-perfect smile, you don’t have to look further than cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your goal. Cosmetic dentistry is not similar to dental exams and cleanings and costs more. However, your investment in your smile provides countless benefits while helping you save money because you no longer remain vulnerable to dental infections.

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve dental imperfections in your mouth to complement your smile. Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi provides all treatments you need to succeed in having a picture-perfect smile. If this article has convinced you of the worthiness of cosmetic dentistry, kindly arrange an appointment with them to succeed in having a beautiful smile.

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