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Things to Consider Before Getting a Dental Bridge

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dental Bridge  West Hollywoodand Beverly Hills

Spaces in the areas of loss cause other teeth to start shifting or rotating. It leads to bad bites and even TMJ disorders or gum diseases. A tooth bridge is the ultimate solution to replace one or multiple missing teeth. The dental expert will put caps on implants or file down teeth at the outer edges of the area of loss. Damage and decay to the supporting teeth could result in complications to the new bridge installed.Read further to know the essential things before receiving a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are dental devices that incorporate one or multiple fake teeth made from porcelain or resin. Unlike dentures, they are not removable from the mouth and are secured onto the nearby teeth.

What to Expect During Installation?

You can expect the following during bridge installation:


Firstly, the dentist will evaluate your mouth to understand whether you need a dental bridge using X-ray technology. He/she will also discuss the design, advantages, and risks of getting a bridge.

Teeth Preparation

For the bridge placement, the patient needs healthy teeth on either side of the spaces. The professional prepares the abutment teeth for the bridge placement. For this, he/she shapes them for accurate fitting. The dentist uses local anesthesia to make the process comfortable.

The professional takes the digital impressions of the shaped teeth and then sends them to the dental lab for dental bridge fabrication. The technicians will consider that data and create a bridge that resembles closely to the nearby natural teeth.

Placement of a Temporary Bridge

Next, the dentist puts a temporary bridge in the patient’s mouth. It aims to protect the shaped teeth from damage. Remember, it requires a minimum of two weeks for the dental professional to receive the customized bridge from the lab.

Permanent Bridge Placement

Now, the professional will remove the temporary bridge and place a permanent bridge in the mouth. For this, again, the expert uses local anesthesia. If required, he/she will clean the underlying teeth before the bridge placement.

After that, the dentist uses dental cement to fix the bridge in its position on the abutment teeth. It takes a few days to get adjusted to the bridge. In a few cases, you may require a few final adjustments to the bridge.


After the bridge placement, follow up with the dentist near you. He/she will explain the care tips for your new bridge, recommended care, and when to get dental advice. Following these tips will help your bridge remain for several years.

When Does a Dentist Recommend a Dental Bridge?

Dental professional recommends dental bridges in Beverly Hills in the following cases:

  • When you are enabled to receive implants.
  • When a person is missing not more than three teeth in a row due to an accident, fall, or serious decay.
  • If someone damages a tooth that is beyond repair.

Other reasons why a dentist advises a bridge include:

Health Condition of the Patient

Bridges are associated with the health condition of the patient directly. If Dr. Borzoo Ahmadi finds an insufficient jawbone, he/she will recommend a dental bridge.

Fast Process

The professional advises dental bridges because the process is quick. It requires just two appointments and an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Location and Total Number of Missing Teeth

When the dentist finds no more than three teeth consecutively missing, he/she advises a dental crown. A bridge procedure is a good option for front-row teeth rather than back teeth. It means the surrounding teeth need enough strength to offer sufficient support.

Cleaning and Care

Caring for a new bridge is not tough. It means you need to do the same as you do for your original teeth. The dentist 90069 offers the following care tips:

  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash and fluoride-based toothpaste.
  • Brush teeth twice every day using a soft-bristled brush for at least two minutes.
  • Floss once daily to clean underneath the bridge.
  • Fix routine dental visits.
  • Consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber.
  • Avoid tobacco and smoking.
  • Do not take excess acidic or sugary beverages and foods.
  • Refrain from sticky and hard things like popcorn, kernels, candies, etc.

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